Pot Rack Brands

When you are looking at pot racks, it can be helpful to know what the major pot rack brands are. This can be important so that a consumer will know the most widely sold brands, the strengths of each brand, problems with each brand, and any warranty support that may be available. This article will try to outline the main brands and provide the strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

Another important thing to think about with pot rack brands is that these brands are not widely known. The main reason for this is that most pot rack makers specialize in pot racks or other cast iron products. Therefore they are not large. Second, pot racks are items that people purchase relatively infrequently. There is usually only one pot rack in a home. This makes the brand recognition relatively weak among consumers.

With the factors above in mind, here is a list of the major pot rack manufacturers. We have details of each manufacturer and a link to the web site for the company of a special review page for that manufacturer.


Rogar is one of the better known makers of pot racks. The company is located in Virginia and offers a good line of metal pot racks. These are either stainless steel or are chrome plated. In addition, the company offers many different shapes and styles of racks. These include hanging racks and wall mounted. The hanging racks are circular, rectangular, or oval.


Kenroy is best known as a lighting company, but also has a line of metal pot racks. The company is based in Jacksonville, FL and has two other showrooms. One is Dallas, TX and another in North Carolina. The company's pot racks are made of metal and have different finishes and shapes. Some of the company's pot racks also come with lighting.

Bago Luma

Bago Luma is a very up and coming designer of furniture. The company's designs are quite distinctive and offer a good touch to a room or home. Pot racks are one of many of the product that Bago Luma carries. The company is based in in Texas, but has showrooms all over the US. The company's pot racks are unique looking and will work well with the right decor.


Enclume makes a line of steel pot racks. Most of them are hanging, but the company also offers a unique free standing pot rack. The company takes pride in the materials that go into its pot racks and boasts about its high quality steel. Other metals are used for the finish. The company also has a line of hearth product and wine racks (all made of metals). Enclume is located in Washington state.


Grace manufacturers / distributes a wide line of metal pot racks. The company has many pot rack sizes, shapes, and styles. In addition, there are a lot of finishes available for each metal pot rack along with accessories and hanging hardware. The company also has other lines of metal furniture ranging from wine racks to furniture.

HSM Metal Products

HSM offers a small line of attractive pot racks. The company is located in North Carolina and has a few small distributors. The company's pot racks are metal and come in a variety of finishes and a few sizes. HSM Metal Fabrication, is a related company and makes many different metal products and has a large production facility.

John Boos

John Boos is based in Effingham, Illinois and is a very old company. It was started in 1887 and has provided many different products over the course of its history. The company offers many commercial food service products and also has a residential line. The company is known for quality and John Boos pot racks are well designed.

Old Dutch

Old Dutch has been in business for over 50 years and specializes in imported housewares and gifts. The company offers pot racks, trivets, baker's racks and many other metal products. The company is located in New Jersey.

Advantage Components

Advantage Components makes home furnishing products for kitchens, gardens, and garages. The company has a line of adjustable pot racks and components that are made of metal and feature contemporary styles. The company is based in Georgetown, Texas.


Whitehaus is located in New Haven, CT and specializes in plumbing products for the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, the company also makes a small line of pot racks for homeowners that are modern in style. Most of the company's products are durable, sleek, and minimalistic.

Concept Housewares

Concept Housewares is a brand owned by the Helman Group based in Oxnard, CA. The company makes a wide variety of home furnishings including pot racks. The company is well known and is products are featured in stores like Walmart and Macys. The pot racks that the company offers are generally modern and well-built.


Aero is a large manufacturer / importer based in New Jersey that has made tables, cabinets, shelves, along with stainless steel sinks. The company also makes a line of pot racks made of steel that can be mounted on either the wall of on the ceiling.