Bago Luma

Without doubt, not all pot rack designers and manufacturers are equal. One of the industry's leaders is a company called Bago Luma Pot Racks, which has a strong reputation for creating unique racks made from quality materials. Each of the pot racks are made by professionals who are capable of adding a special touch to the finished product. The company's web site has good pictures of its products and offers an excellent overview of company products and designs.

Other Products

In addition to Bago Luma pot racks, everything this company makes turns to gold. Furniture, racks, accessories, and more are all made from hand-forged iron. The designs are not only gorgeous and unique, but also made to be fully functional. Most interesting is the fact that the owner, Judy Deaton, is responsible for the design of everything sold.

Judy Deaton

Her style is deliberate with a rustic look and feel. Additionally, Bago Luma is known for making obvious oversized pieces, which is what makes each product so impressive. However, people also find that Bago Luma pot racks and other items sold are elegant and distinct. Because of this, homeowner's of every affluence love the products made because they are so special and different.


Bago Luma pot racks, furniture, and accessories are made by hand and then sold wholesale to retailers, as well as contractors and interior designers. The result of things made is functional pieces that are large but also proportioned appropriately. Everything that Bago Luma produces makes a strong statement of quality, beauty, and authenticity. Even the work of the artisans is unrivaled, which makes Bago Luma pot racks something like no other.

Old World Methods

What makes each of the Bago Luma pot racks, furniture, and accessories so interesting is that the craftsmen use Old World methods. This means new and innovative designs are completed by using methods that have been around for hundreds of years. When completed, the consumer ends up with a piece that has been made by hand with skill and heart.

Virtually, Bago Luma pot racks are made by placing iron into hot fires so it can be shaped and molded into the desired shape. From there, the iron is set on an anvil where it is hammered or forged. Once the pieces are welded, the pot rack or other product begins to take shape and come to life. The various hammer marks seen in the design is just one of the factors that makes Bago Luma so incredible.

Additional Information

Bago Luma: Web site has great pictures of pot racks, accessories, furniture, and lighting. Contact: Bago Luma Collections, Inc., 132 Old San Antonio Rd., Boerne, Texas 78006, Tel: 830-249-2499