Today, money is tight for many families yet they want to make changes and updates to the home that will add a distinctive look and value. One way to accomplish this is to buy Enclume pot racks, which are made from quality metal and years of tradition for skilled metal crafting. The attention to detail seen in each of the Enclume pot racks is just one factor that sets this company apart from the competition.


Using metal forming equipment, every pot rack is completed painstakingly by hand. One of the most popular of all Enclume pot racks is designed with six primary components. To make this particular rack, the creators go through more than 60 steps. Because the company wants to make sure every pot rack being sold is the finest, they go through multiple checkpoints to ensure superior quality.


The craftsmen that make the Enclume pot racks take their work seriously. This means that every pot rack is a special project, worked on to perfection. Rather than roll out pot racks in mass production like some other manufacturers, Enclume only processes very small lots at a time, never more than 60. The result is a product that people can place in the home and be proud of owning.


Enclume pot racks are made from the finest flat bar steel, giving the rack its beautiful appearance and strength. The company starts with hot rolled steel, which will ultimately be made into the distressed pot rack when done. From there, the cookware racks are made from stainless steel, all being crafted from 304 material, which is the best available.

Other Metals

From there, Enclume uses copper or chrome for the cold rolled steel, which is then processed for plating. This is then polished to a clean and clear finish that is impossible to match. Now, the truth is that Enclume pot racks are not the cheapest but for the money spent, you are making an investment into a high quality product that will never go out of style and will last a lifetime. In fact, an Enclume pot rack would be the ideal product to pass down from one generation to the next.

Other Products

In addition to the beautiful pot racks created by Enclume, the company also designs and creates kitchen furniture and accessories. Just as with the pot racks, the materials and craftsmanship are the best. Therefore, homeowners can use these products in the home, making a huge statement of style. Chance are, once the pot rack is in place, you would quickly become the neighborhood envy.

In addition to the decorative Enclume pot racks, there are also those made with lighting features. Whether oval, rectangular, or square, these special pot racks illuminate workspace below, making prep work and cooking easier and more enjoyable. The bottom line is that regardless of the item purchased, the style, or the finish, everything that comes out of Enclume is superior.

Additional Information

Enclume: Web site has great pictures of pot racks, accessories, furniture, and lighting. Contact: Enclume, 24 Colwell Street Port Hadlock, Washington 98339, Tel: 877-362-5863