Kitchens are the heart of the home, which is why they get so much attention in the way they look and operate. People love having a kitchen that not only looks homey but also one that is fully functional. Because of this, there is a growing trend in adding a pot rack. While there are numerous manufacturers, Kenroy pot racks are among the most distinct and well made. Kenroy specializes in lighting, but does have a line of metal pot racks. some of these racks also include lights to accentuate the pots.

Kenroy pot racks have been made for more than five decades, each with a refined style and made from only the best materials. Best of all, Kenroy pot racks are innovative in design, making them a very popular choice. In fact, if you were interested in a pot rack but needed something special, you could work with the professional team to see about having a custom pot rack designed.

Company Philosphy

One of the key elements that have made Kenroy pot racks so successful is the company philosophy. Every staff member is 100% dedicated to building a strong relationship with the customer to ensure they get exactly what they want and need. This means in addition to pot racks, Kenroy also offers a long list of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, ceiling lights, chandeliers, fountains, and much more.

Finishes and Designs

A very popular option of Kenroy pot rack comes in a variety of finishes. The design has an open grid shelf, which is the ideal place for hanging cookware. However, the pot rack also has special sides with a decorative flair, creating the perfect space for placing cookbooks, knick knacks, plants, and other similar items. Then, to enhance the appearance and functionality of this Kenroy pot rack there is even two, 50-watt down lights. Obviously, this makes the workspace much easier to see. Additionally, this particular Kenroy pot rack has eight pot hooks, providing plenty of space for lots of pots.

Another favorite choice made by this company is a beautifully designed rack different from others. This one has a rustic appearance that is styled with twisted ironwork to represent twigs and vines. The open basket and open grid shelf again provide ample storage or display room if wanted. This Kenroy pot rack is also made with two, 50-watt lights, as well as eight pot hooks, two, 10-foot wires, and four, three-foot chains. However, the bronze finish of the pot rack is what makes it so spectacular.


Regardless of the type of Kenroy pot rack being considered, it is important to consider the weight of the rack with and without pots. Typically, we suggest the chains be hung using the ceiling joist for added security and stability. Then, if you prefer, you can use some type of decorative ceiling bracket that hides the connection between chain and ceiling.

Additional Information

Kenroy Home: Web site is somewhat hard to use, but offers product info on lighting, pot racks, and accessories. Contact: 11660 Central Parkway, Jacksonville, FL 32224 Tel: 904-642-4340