John Boos

Since the late 19th century, John Boos and Company has been providing consumers with some of the finest products available. Originally, the company created wood blocks using expert blacksmith experience. Over time, butcher blocks were made, used primarily in meat markets. However, by 1920, the company grew and within 20 years, restaurants, butcher markets, and food stores around the country had a John Boos butcher block.


After the war, the founder determined that he could reach out to other niche markets, as well as a variety of materials to include red oak and maple. Then in 1955, the company decided to add residential sales, pushing the company to its current success. Soon, benches, store fixtures, and a variety of other wood furniture pieces were being designed. Today, the company works in a 150,000 square foot warehouse in Illinois, along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Pot Racks

One of the newest and most innovative additions to the company is the John Boos pot racks. Each design is unique and made with exceptional product and workmanship. For people who love the look and functionality of a gourmet kitchen, the John Boos pot racks are truly the perfect addition. The look is incredible and the pot racks made to last. The John Boos pot racks coupled with other features such as countertops and sinks is the perfect way to design the perfect kitchen.

Best of all, John Boos pot racks are highly functional and convenient. Depending on the style chosen, some are made to hang over a kitchen island or countertop, holding a number of pots and pans. Obviously, this places the cookware within close reach, making time spent in the kitchen far easier and more enjoyable.


You will also find that John Boos pots racks come with an excellent guarantee. The company is so sure of the products they make and sell, that they make sure every customer is a happy customer. They have a great customer service staff that is knowledgeable about pot racks and other kitchen furniture so they can provide guidance and answer questions. This way, you are ensured the pot rack of choice will match not only the kitchen decorum, but also meet your personal expectations.


John Boos pot racks may be slightly more expensive, but the quality is quite good.. In addition to the ceiling models, there are also wall mounted options to consider, which is ideal for people who want the convenience but find they have limited space.

Contact Information

John Boos and Company: Web site includes product line, information, locations, history, and dealer information. Contact: John Boos and Co., 315 South First Street, P.O. Box 609, Effingham, IL 62401 Tel: 217-347-7701