Old Dutch

If you want an incredible selection of ceiling and wall mounted pot racks, you definitely need to check out Old Dutch. With Old Dutch pot racks, you get quality and variety. The company offers well made pot racks in a number of shapes and sizes to include oval, round, rectangular, single hanging beam, dome, and much more. Best of all, all of the Old Dutch pot racks are gorgeous but also very affordable.


You will also find that Old Dutch pot racks come in a wide selection of finishes. For example, you could choose from satin nickel, copper, graphite, chrome, etc. With this, you can choose the style of pot rack you like best but then complete the look by going with a finish that will complement your overall kitchen look. The company has been providing all types of house ware items for more than 58 years and is still going strong.


In addition to Old Dutch pot racks, you could also consider shopping for baker's racks, copperware, and so on. For instance, a very popular choice of pot rack is the oval design with grid. Depending on the size chosen, the price is between $169 and $299, and is a good value. With this, the center grid is designed to work as additional storage. This special 'A' frame design is without doubt a conversation piece.


Another great choice of Old Dutch pot racks is the half round with grid. This particular style comes in your choice of copper, chrome, or graphite finish and it is priced less than $100. You will find you have an immediate way to store your beautiful pots and pans, display plants, cookbooks, candles, and other items, or keep things perfectly organized. This pot rack comes with 12 hooks and the built-in grid.

Then, Old Dutch pot racks such as the bookshelf with grid is another popular choice. For less than $200, you can be the proud owner of a gorgeous pot rack in your choice of satin nickel, graphite, brushed copper, and chrome finish. If you have a smaller sized kitchen, this would be perfect. Not only does this particular pot rack hang flat on the wall, it also features the bookshelf so you have a great place to set your cookbooks.

Finally, the round dome with grid is a fantastic Old Dutch design. Again, you have a number of options regarding finish and this pot rack comes with 16 hooks. The construction is solid steel and for smaller kitchen, this is a great option. You will find this model offers tons of hanging space and because the design is a crisscross shelf and angled hooks, you will find you clear up countertop space.

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Old Dutch International, Ltd: Web site includes product overview and contact information. Contact: Old Dutch International, Ltd., 421 North Midland Avenue, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Tel: 201-794-6262