Pot Rack Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a new pot rack but find the abundance of options making the purchase difficult? If so, you are certainly not alone. More now than ever before, styles, sizes, materials, and features associated with pot racks have improved and evolved. To help make your decision a little easier, we have provided some information from research we have conducted.

First, a pot rack is just as the name indicates - a rack on which pots and pans are hung. The advantages of using a pot rack are many to include providing a kitchen space saver. By putting the pots and pans up, you have the chances to create more cabinet and even countertop space. With many pot racks also used for hanging utensils, everything you need to whip up an amazing meal is at your fingertips. Now, while most people will buy a pot rack for efficiency, other people will use the pot rack strictly to show off beautiful pots and pan


Next, you will discover that pot racks come in a huge variety of materials. While stainless steel and hand-forged wrought iron are extremely popular, other choice materials include wood, chrome, aluminum, copper, and brass. This coupled with the wonderful selection of designs and style options and it is easy to understand some of the confusion. As an example, if you want a pot rack but find you simply do not have adequate room, then consider a wall unit, which is secured to wall studs to still, provide a place where commonly used pots, pans, and cooking utensils can hang.

Third, in addition to being used in smaller kitchen by novice cooks, pot racks are also a huge benefit to gourmet cooks or in commercial restaurants. Typically, professionals use pot racks for different reasons. Sure, they still enjoy the convenience of having things within reach but most professionals pay thousands of dollars for pots, pans, and utensils. Stacking these items or shoving them back in cabinets causes damage, which can affect the quality of the food. For this reason, the pot rack eliminates any risk of this happening.


Then, a basic style of pot rack will feature a rack that consists of pegs or hooks, which are used for hanging the pots and pans. In addition, pot racks come with numerous optional features that make it a more functional kitchen items. As an example, a lighted pot rack is a great way to increase illumination in this room of the house. Then, some pot racks also feature shelving on which cookbooks, plants, figurines, or other decorative items could be placed.


The bottom line is that you could spend a small, wall mounted pot rack for less than $50 or go all out and purchase a lighted system for $1,500. No matter the size or style of pot rack you choose, the most important element has to do with installation. If the pot rack were not installed properly, you would damage not just the rack but also potentially the ceiling, the floor, and your pots and pans. Therefore, while it might cost a little more to hire a professional, consider it money well spent.