Pot Rack Selection

In addition to being functional, pot racks are also a great way to enhance the appearance of a kitchen. Today, there is a much larger pot rack selection than ever before and with racks coming back in style this is the time to shop. However, before buying anything, it is important to know the exact location where the rack will be hung to ensure you know the size needed.

Hanging Location

Of course, in addition to the location where the pot rack would be hung, you also need to make sure you know the height of the ceiling. The reason is that most options found in a pot rack selection are designed for ceilings measuring eight to nine feet. With this, the various pots can be reached without any problem. However, if a kitchen has a higher ceiling, there are always extension chains or hooks that can bring the rack down to a reachable level.


Typically, before heading out to look at the pot rack selection, you will need to know what height works best for you or the person doing the majority of the cooking. For this, simply add between six and ten inches to your height. Therefore, if you were 5 feet7 inches, the pot rack would need to hang between 6 feet 1 inch and 6 feet 7 inches, depending on what you prefer most.


Now, as far as the selection of pot racks currently on the market, chances are if you have not been shopping lately, you will be amazed at the beautiful designs now available. For instance, pot racks come in a wide variety of shapes to include bar, oval, round, rectangular, and square. With this, you can simply find the shape that works best for your kitchen and then start shopping.


Another consideration is the finish. Some of the most popular options include painted pot racks and those with a powder coat. Just remember that regardless of the material from which the rack is made, wood, steel, or metal, there are wonderful finishes that create a unique look according to what the homeowner wants.


The options for pot racks has changed so much that there are even styles that are lighted. The lighting can highlight a specific area of the pot rack or perhaps part of the design or it can simply be used to add ambience to the kitchen. Of course, having beautiful copper pots hanging from a rack with lighting is simply gorgeous.


The only thing to remember is that pot racks that are lighted are generally much heavier than other options, often as heavy as 50 pounds. Because of this, the installation is different. For a lighted rack, there has to be an independent box, which could be a fan brace box or something similar. That way, the heavier rack can be hung and lit with no problem.