Pot Rack Installation

Although some pot racks need a little more wiring due to the lighting system, most are easy to install. Therefore, if you want to add a pot rack to your kitchen, chances are the work could be done on your own as a weekend project. With a few handy skills and standard tools, you could have your new pot rack installed and set up in no time. Typically, manufacturers provide easy to follow instructions and while some state the installation can be done by one person, because of the size and bulk, it might be wise for you to use the assistance of a friend.

Accurate Measurements

One of the most important aspects of hanging a pot rack is taking accurate measurements. After all, some styles are large and if placed in a smaller kitchen, not only would it look awkward but also make your room less functional. It is also important to keep in mind that the distance you measure should be in between the ceiling joist, which is used for the installation of the pot rack for security. Otherwise, if you were to hang the ceiling only, once the pots and pans were hung, the entire system would come crashing down.

Tools and Materials Needed

Next, you need to look in the box to make sure everything needed is included. If not, you can visit your local hardware or home improvement store to buy the chains, hooks, screws, and other things needed for the installation. Most often, everything needed is included but not always so before you begin the installation process, take inventory. As you will see below, the steps to install your new pot rack are easy.

Here are the general steps that are used for installing a new pot rack.

  • * With a pencil, mark the location on the ceiling for the chains, coordinated with the ceiling joists.
  • * Drill pilot holes for the eyehooks, using a drill bit that is no wider than the hooks
  • * Screw in the eyehooks until the threads disappear (remove the grid prior to this step)
  • * With the eyehooks locked into the ceiling joists, the pot would be hung using the hooks
  • * Once the rack is up, the grid can be installed and the pots and pans hung to display and enjoy

Keep in mind that you want to install your pot rack so everything can be reached without too much trouble while not being in the way. Therefore, you need to consider not only the ceiling height but also the height of the person who would use the pot rack most. This way, you can determine the correct position to make reaching upwards easy and convenient. Finally, in addition to reaching the hooks at the bottom of the rack, you would need the right height to remove the pots and pans for cooking.