Hanging Tips

Pot racks come in a large variety of styles, sizes, designs, shapes, colors, and even features. With kitchen pots and pans hung on a rack, a cook can gain easier access to whatever is needed to cook. However, some people choose pot racks simply as a decorative piece in the kitchen, which looks stunning with new copper pots. If you think you want to purchase a pot rack, you will need to first determine the size and shape based on the location where it would be installed.

Ceiling Height

One of the first considerations associated with hanging a pot rack is the ceiling height. Typically, all pot racks are made to hang in kitchens with ceilings of eight to nine feet. Therefore, if the ceiling is taller, it is not a problem but an extension rod, hook, or chain would be needed to bring the rack to a workable level. If the ceiling is lower, then a pot rack might not work, unless it is a design that fits against the wall rather than hanging over an island.

The next step to hang a pot rack is to determine the height that is most comfortable for reaching the different pots and pans on the rack. The person in the house who does the cooking will need to take his or her height and add between six and ten inches. Therefore, a man who loves cooking would need to pot rack to hang anywhere from six-foot, six inches to six foot, ten inches.

Secure Pots

While convenience in reaching the pots and pans is certainly an important consideration, even more important is security. Obviously, the last thing you want is to hang the pot rack, get all the beautiful pots and pans in place, and in the middle of the night, have the entire unit come crashing down to the ground. Unfortunately, if not secure, this is very likely.


Remember, the weight along with the pots and pans means the entire unit is heavy. Then, if a pot rack with a lighting feature is chosen, the weight could easily be upwards of 50 pounds. Therefore, it is imperative that the pot rack be hung using screw hooks, which would need to be inserted directly into the joists in the ceiling. Now, if you go with a wall pot rack, another popular option, then lag screws would be used but these need to go into the wall studs.


Finally, to get the pot rack hung right, you need to measure the distance from the floor to ceiling, making sure it is at least eight feet, preferably nine. Then, the rack needs to be 22 inches out from the ceiling to the bottom of the hook for the pots. Of course, pots and pans will have different handle lengths so a good rule is 10 inches for a small pot and 21 inches for a standard size skillet. As long as the total hanging distance is 43 inches, the pot is ready to go.