Pot Rack Hanging

A pot rack is a great way to boost the appearance of your kitchen, while also having a snappy means of displaying your beautiful pots and pans. In fact, many of the designs for pot racks on the market today feature things such as a lighting fixture, shelving, motifs, expansion, and so on. Therefore, if you want a better, organized kitchen, one that is far more functional while creating an aesthetically pleasing kitchen, a pot rack should be considered. However, before you run out to buy just any pot rack, it is essential you understand a few specifics.

Ceiling Mounted

For starters, you need to remember that even aluminum pots and pans can be heavy. Therefore, you need to choose the size and style of pot rack that will accommodate the number and type of pots and pans you have without everything coming down crashing. One of the most popular styles of pot racks is the ceiling mounted, which is beautiful over a kitchen island or near a large window. The key to success here is to install or have the pot rack installed so the chains are secured in the attic to the ceiling joists.

Another important consideration is having the pot rack installed at the right height. Obviously, you want the rack to be at a height that would make things more convenient to the person using the rack most but also so the pot rack is out of the way so you can still cook and move about efficiently. For instance, if you have nine-foot ceilings, placing the pot rack at a height of six-foot, two inches, which means you have 34 inches left. Of course, this would be for a taller person so if you were shorter, adjustments would need to be made.

Wall Mounted

Another possibility for pot racks is the wall mount. In this case, if you have a smaller kitchen or simply do not cook as often as other people do but you still enjoy convenience, then a wall pot rack is the perfect solution. For this, lag bolts would be used to secure the wall pot rack to the wall studs, again providing a secure unit on which to hang pots and pans. Then of course, if your kitchen walls were made from brick or concrete, special hardware would be required to secure the wall pot rack. If you were unsure, check with your local home improvement or hardware store for assistance.

Lighted Pot Racks

Finally, another popular type of pot rack, and one of the latest innovations, is the lighted system. With this, you can still use the function of the pot rack you also have the chance to add more lighting to the kitchen. Just keep in mind that most of these lighted pot racks weigh a minimum of 50 pounds, which is quite heavy. Then, for the light fixture to work, electrical wiring may be required. For this reason, we recommend you have a professional electrician assist. No matter the style of pot rack you choose, chances are you will wonder how you got by without one previously.