Pot Rack Accessories

Pot rack accessories have becoming increasingly popular. Not only can they enhance the overall appearance of a pot rack and kitchen as a whole, but accessories can also make cooking far easier and more efficient. As you will discover, simple and inexpensive pot rack accessories can make a huge addition to any rack.

Grid Hooks

First, there are grid hooks, which work exceptionally well with any center grid rack. These hooks are designed in a variety of finishes and lengths depending on the need. Typically, grid hooks are sold in packages of four, which range in price anywhere from $2 to $12. Now, if you have a small bar, then you could easily use S-shaped hooks, which hang perfectly.

Scrolled Extender

Another of the many options for pot rack accessories is the scrolled extender. Although every manufacturer has its own options, there are usually six to ten different finish choices. The best option for a pot rack extender is one made from hand-forged wrought iron. The style is beautiful and this accessory works by making it much easier to hang certain pot racks so everything being hung is secure.


Even the pot rack chains come in a variety of choices. The chains are obviously used to hang the pot rack from the ceiling but today, homeowners can choose from different materials, finishes, and colors to coordinate with the look and style of the pot rack itself. The most common choice is a chain that has links 1.5 inches apart with each of the links adding a single inch. Therefore, depending on the height of the ceiling, chains can be removed so the rack hangs appropriately. These chains come in three main lengths to include 12, 24, and 36 inches.

Finished Look

There is even pot rack accessories designed to create a finished look. For instance, a ceiling bracket hides the connection between the top of the chain and the ceiling so the look is professional. Again, we suggest people consider wrought iron, which is strong and beautiful. As a decorative plate, you will find you have a choice of multiple materials and finishes to enhance the look of the pot rack.

Ceiling Hooks

Finally, pot rack accessories include ceiling hooks that work with certain racks. Most are about three inches in length, come in different finishes, and usually sold in packages of four. With these hooks, the screw end goes into the ceiling or preferably the joist and the pot rack goes on the other end. Once in place, various pots and pans can be hung to complete the overall look.