Outdoor Kitchen Pot Racks

Today, more and more homes feature beautiful outdoor kitchens. To complete the look and functionality of this outdoor space, pot racks are also highly popular. In addition to adding style, pot racks also make it much easier to cook, keeping favorite pots and pans within easy reach. This means when entertaining family or friends in an outdoor kitchen, you could whip up a delicious meal in no time.


Many of the pot racks made for outdoor kitchens are made from wrought iron, stainless steel, or some other materials that can accommodate the elements. In fact, many people will also choose rustic racks made from wood, such as the old wagon wheel. Of course, for people who want something that will work but prefer to avoid the added expense, they can even take bedsprings and hang them, which make the perfect pot rack.

Ceiling or Wall Mounted

Regardless of the choice made, you will need to decide if a ceiling or wall unit is the best choice. Since many outdoor kitchens do not offer the same room or ceiling height as what is found for an inside kitchen, wall units are preferred. From there, the shape and size needs to be considered, specific to the area where the pot rack would go. With so many incredible choices, you are sure to find wonderful options that fit your particular needs.

Decor Style

Most often, people with an outdoor kitchen will choose from pot racks that maintain a decorative cohesiveness. In other words, they choose a style and design that keeps with the outdoor fell. However, while rustic styles are one option, and an excellent one at that, for the more formal outdoor kitchen, stainless steel is a beautiful choice that would look stunning with copper pots.


Another consideration when choosing a pot rack for an outdoor kitchen is that many times just because of the very nature of cooking and cooking equipment, pots and pans may be heavier than those used for indoor kitchen. If this were the case, then it would be imperative that a strong and sturdy pot rack be chosen. However, any pot rack would need to be installed using strong screw hooks that are deeply embedded into the joists or studs for security.


In addition to the pot racks that are sold at the store, those specifically designed for an outdoor kitchen, there are also companies that will design something custom made. Therefore, if you want to keep with a certain color or theme, you could always have a pot rack made just for you, a true, one of a kind.