Pot Rack Hooks

To hang all your favorite pots and pans on your new pot rack, the type of hooks used will depend on a number of things to include the heaviness of the pots and pans, the style of the rack, the location where the rack is being installed, and so on. The key regardless is to choose hooks that are strong and durable.

Stainless Steel

Typically, pot racks come with the appropriate hooks but in some cases, they could be missing or not a part of the unit. Then, if you plan to hang the pot rack using heavier pots and pans or you do not have a joist or stud for anchoring, you need to upgrade to something more secure. Most hooks are made poor materials, which is why we recommend only those made from stainless steel, which is the best.


Then, you want pot rack screws and hooks that have a tight, top bend rather than on the bottom. With this, the pots and pans would be far easier to get off the rack while keeping the hook in place. Additionally, look for punched holes in the bands on the rack, which will hold the hooks, keeping them away from the surface of the rack so it does not experience scratching. To give you an idea of what type of pot rack hooks are available, the following are some options.

Gourmet Pot Hooks

Usually sold in a package of four for around $5, these hooks work great for the gourmet type of pot rack and feature a one-half inch wide opening.

Angled Pot Hooks

Sold in a package of six, the pot rack hooks help increase the amount of space you would have to hang your favorite pots and pans. Designed for pot racks that accommodate grids, the angled hooks are sold in coordinating finishes to complete the overall look.

Grid or "S" Pot Hooks

Also sold in a unit of four, these hooks work best for gourmet pot racks with grids.

Aluminum Swivel Pot Hooks

Made from aluminum cast, these hooks are made to swivel, making it easier to get pots and pans off the rack. Additionally, these hooks work well for both ceiling and wall units.

Aluminum Pot Hooks

In this case, the hooks are also made from aluminum cast and work with the wall or ceiling pot racks made from stainless steel.

Decor Pot Hooks

In this case, the hooks are decorative and functional, designed in a hammered steel finish that is intended for grids.

S-Bar Pot Hooks

These hooks come in a variety of finishes to include copper, brass or chrome and hand on the outside of a bar-shaped pot rack. The design is such that the hooks will never slide or fall off.

Straight Pot Hooks

To increase the amount of hanging space, the straight hooks work best and are also available in a number of different finishes

Rack Eye Hooks

Made for the bookshelf or round style of pot rack

Commercial Pot Hooks

Available in different sizes, these hooks are intended for commercial use, providing more durability and often, a higher grade of stainless steel

Slip Pot Hooks

Made from stainless steel, the hooks often have a satin pewter finish and look beautiful

Captain Hook

Finally, for rolled end bars, the captain hook features a ceiling screw hook and is made from hammered steel