Pot Rack Types

Over the years, pot rack styles have evolved. While you can still find beautiful designs that are a reflection of traditional styles, you will also find a wide range of new colors, materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. In addition to pot racks being aesthetically pleasing, they also provide functionality and convenience. Yes, pot racks are used for hanging pots and pans but some styles also feature lighting and some added storage.

Wall Mounted

The great thing about pot racks is that you do not have to be a professional chef to enjoy them. For example, if you enjoy cooking for your family, then perhaps a wall pot rack would be a better choice. Additionally, the wall rack option works exceptionally well for smaller kitchens. For this, a bar made from metal or wood is attached to the wall on which pots, pans, or cooking utensils hang within reach.

Ceiling Mounted

Now, if you love to cook, spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or have beautiful copper pots and pans to show off, then a ceiling mounted style would be great. This type of pot rack is hung through the ceiling and into the ceiling joists to accommodate the weight of the pots and pans. Again, some of these pot racks have built in lighting so they serve a dual purpose. Then, if you need storage for cooking utensils and baking items, you could choose a pot rack with a grid. Of course, this grid can also be used for displaying your favorite figurines or other kitchen decorations.


One of the most popular types of pot racks is with a European style. Keep in mind that most of the Italian designs are simplistic but highly functional. For instance, pot racks with a French flair typically have thick, rectangular metal strips, which give the pot rack a strong look without being gaudy. On the other hand, pot racks with an Italian flavor are generally detailed and elaborate. In fact, many of these European pot racks are handcrafted with scrolls and loops, along with flower and vine decoration. Therefore, you simply need to choose the style of pot rack that works best with the overall look and feel of the kitchen, coupled with personal preference.


In addition to pot racks made from metal, wooden racks are also popular and for good reason. For instance, wood pot racks work well with any style. You could use this material in a kitchen with a traditional or contemporary style with it looking perfect. Again, the type of wood changes the appearance of the rack. If you wanted something contemporary, then cherry or mahogany would be gorgeous. However, if you wanted a pot rack to match with a transitional or European style kitchen, bamboo is exotic and warm.


In addition to material options, pot racks also come in a variety of shapes to include square, rectangular, oval, and round. Then, you could choose the ceiling mounted or wall design, both with advantages. The bottom line is that if you want a way to show off your beautiful pots and pans while enhancing the appearance of your room.