Ceiling Mounted Pot Racks

As you will discover in this article, hanging pot racks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and of course, materials. In addition, hanging pot racks are designed with different features to meet the needs of any cook, regardless of experience or skill. The purpose of a pot rack is to have your pots and pans within reach. That way, you are more organized in the kitchen, making time spent more functional and fun.


We will start with the rectangular pot rack. The possibilities are limitless, making this a popular choice. For example, you could choose a gourmet pot rack designed with both wood and metal. In this case, you might have a metal frame with a hanging wood grid, perfect for displaying kitchen accessories or decorations. Typically, a rectangular pot rack would have four chains, one on each corner, which are then attached through the ceiling and into the ceiling joists. The result is perfect balance to display pots and pans evenly.


Next, a round pot rack is a nice choice for smaller kitchens in that they are functional while not taking up a lot of space. For this, you could choose a pot rack measuring 20 inches in diameter and designed from powder-coated steel. With a combination of "S" grid hooks and standard pothooks, you can keep everything needed within reach. Just as with the rectangular pot rack, you could choose a round style with or without a grid.


The oval pot rack is also a great choice, fitting nicely in any kitchen. A popular choice is one made from wrought iron, which features a sophisticated and distinct black finish. One beautiful style has two arching arms, along with a center grid. This means in addition to hanging your pots and pans, you can also hang utensils if you like or display cookbooks, plants, or kitchen decor. Do not let the oval shape mislead you in that they offer tremendous space. As an example, one with 10 hooks and two, six-inch sections of chain is a favorite.

Bar Pot Rack

Now, if you simply do not have the space for a standard type pot rack or if you only cook on special occasion but love convenience, then a bar pot rack is yet another possibility. In this case, the bar is attached to the wall, featuring hooks that some pots and pans, along with utensils can be stored. You will also have a huge selection of materials, sizes, and designs, most that come complete with the link chain for hanging, as well as hooks. Depending on the style you choose, you might go with a bar pot rack that also features a shelf for cookbooks or decorative items.

Square Pot Rack

Finally, a square pot rack is also a great space saver option. While you enjoy the convenience, the pot rack does not take up too much room. A gorgeous choice is a square rack made from solid, brushed stainless steel, which gives the kitchen a contemporary look. If you prefer just the pot rack, then you can hang everything within reach but if you need additional storage space, go with a grid design.