Oval Pot Racks

Pot racks are not only functional but also a great way to add style and décor to a kitchen. Typically, pot racks are oval and then hung over a kitchen island, stove, or some other place in the kitchen. However, you will find pot racks in other shapes, as well as sizes, styles, and materials. This article will provide information on some of the various choices you have for oval pot racks, choosing what enhances the kitchen while meeting your personal preference.

Five-foot Oval Pot Rack

Perfect for the cook or chef who wants all the favorite pots and pans within reach, this design is gorgeous and features storage space and lighting. The design includes six straight hooks, as well as 12 angle hooks and an adjustable mount.

Three-foot Oval Pot Rack

Smaller yet highly functional, this pot race provides room for eight feet of linear storage. You can choose from several finishes such as chrome, brass, and copper, making it a perfect choice for a traditional or contemporary style kitchen. Other features of this oval pot rack include two, five-inch extension hooks, six straight hooks, six angle hooks, and 12-inch center mount.

Expandable Oval Pot Rack

Simple yet beautiful, this particular pot rack is made from stainless steel and bamboo, coupled with stainless steel hook-hanging rods. In all, you would include 12, five-inch hooks, six cast aluminum pan hooks, and 32 hanging links.

Gourmet Pot Rack

For the ultimate in style, the gourmet pot rack is an excellent choice. Crafted from fine grain, cold drawn steel for strength and durability, the metal of this pot rack is hand polished and perfectly assembled. The grid design provides additional storage, as well as a smart way to display your favorite accessories and cooking utensils. Finish choices are varied for this pot rack, which include white with a brass grid or black with a black grid.

Iron Oval Pot Rack

If sophistication and class are more to your liking, this pot rack is perfect. Designed with soft curves representative of cathedrals and castles from England, the pot rack also has a design feature that provides extra storage. Bet of all, while the iron pot rack complements the appearance of the kitchen, it is strong and durable, capable of accommodating any weight pan.

European Style Pot Rack

This sculptured pot rack is fundamental and elegant. The quality is unsurpassed with excellent artistry. The steel dome is rugged while the hand forged volutes, vines, and leaves are soft. Finishes include black iron, natural rust, and pewter, all with a baked on urethane coat.