Rectangular Pot Racks

While many people choose an oval pot rack, the rectangular shape has become a popular choice. Many times, the rectangular pot rack offers a little more storage space, something you can never have enough of in a kitchen. Therefore, if you love to cook, want to update and enhance the look of your kitchen, and make it more functional, you might consider any of the suggested rectangular pot racks.

English Country

When it comes to casual elegance, this particular design is beautiful and functional. Hand crafted from iron bars and then finished with a highly resilient epoxy powder coat, this pot rack is stunning. Offering 170 inches of rail hanging space is yet another feature making this a nice addition to any kitchen, regardless of style.

European Style Rectangular Pot Rack

Made from natural wood and cast aluminum, this pot rack is strong yet graceful in appearance. Some of the features for this design include 32 hanging links, eight swivel hooks, four ceiling hooks, and 12 fixed pan hooks. Extremely easy to install while providing ample storage and convenience are benefits to choosing this pot rack.

Stainless Steel Pot Rack

If you prefer simple, clean lines, perfect for a contemporary style kitchen, this would be ideal. Considered a no-fuss design, the pot rack is expandable and comes with expanding stainless steel hanging rods. Other features are the 10, cast aluminum pan hooks, 12, five-inch rod hooks, 16 hanging hooks, and four ceiling hooks.

Wrought Iron Pot Rack

For this style, you can choose to have the optional grid installed. Measuring 36 x 18 x 15, the size is nice with good storage but not overly cumbersome. Features include 12 hooks for hanging your favorite pots and pans, as well as 18 inches of corner chain.

Antique Iron

If you want an ornate rectangular pot rack, this is it. Constructed of aluminum, you would have a choice of several finishes, all that comes with 12 hooks and 36 inches of hanging chain. The beautiful scrolled design offers its own personality that works well in many kitchens.

Classic Pot Rack

For the classic or traditional style kitchen, this pot rack is not only great for your beautiful pots and pans but also your most loved cookbooks, plants, and accessories. In all, 10 permanently attached hooks will help you keep things organized and within quick reach. The nice aspect of this rectangular pot rack is its versatility.