Round Pot Racks

Round pot racks have become a style preferred in many homes. While a rectangular pot rack is gorgeous, most require a large space but with round pot racks, even smaller kitchens can function and look better. To show you some of the more popular options of the round pot rack, we have done homework for you, providing some of our recommendations.

Shabby Chic Pot Rack

Made from strong steel with a nickel finish and white coat, this pot rack is very elegant. Weighing only 13 pounds, this round pot rack is an excellent choice for hanging pots and pans, while also having storage space for utensils and other kitchen items. Features of this pot rack include 24 hooks, eight staggered hooks, inherent balance, and 360-degree rotation.

Etched Pot Rack

For something with a little more character, the etched pot rack is beautiful without being overpowering. Designed to accommodate eight pots/pans, along with kitchen utensils and cups, the rack also offers eight stainless steel hooks and mounting chain. Best of all, this pot rack offers a weld-less construction, which means the stainless steel surface will never discolor.

Old Dutch Copper Pot Rack

The crown design with grid is perfect for the gourmet chef. Made from steel and featuring 16 angled hooks, this round rack is simply gorgeous.

Stainless Steel Pot Rack

Made from 304, stainless steel, you will find this round pot rack offers a button head bolt with self-cleaning nuts, a 3/32 welded link chain and quick links, pothooks, eight pot rack hooks, and four, 15.5-inch chains for hanging. Due to the strong and durable design, this pot rack is a perfect solution for both home and commercial use.

Motif Pot Rack

If you enjoy a rustic kitchen, then the wildlife motif, pot rack is great. While not for everyone, this style adds character and charm to rustic, country, or lodge type kitchens. The pot rack comes with four different profiles, allowing you to switch out between various choices. For instance, you would have the chances to choose from a rooster, cowboy, duck, wagon wheel, tree, coyote, cabin, elk, bear, rabbit, frog, Indian, and a number of other profiles, using four of the same or mixing and matching. You can also choose from three different colors to include back, copper vein, and rust brown.

Wrought Iron Pot Rack

Ceiling mounted, this round pot rack is made from iron bars, each finished with copper plating, followed by an epoxy powder coat for the ultimate in durability. Additional features include six hooks, a 12-inch hanging chain, and 20-inch diameter design.