Wall Mounted Pot Racks

For people who love spending time in the kitchen, nothing is worse than digging through drawers and cabinets trying to find pots, pans, lids, or cooking utensils. Unfortunately, this problem is one all too common. To make cooking more fun and convenient, a pot rack is the perfect answer. In addition to ceiling pot racks, which are hung with chains that go through the ceiling and then secure to the joists, another option is with wall racks.


Now, the benefit to a wall pot rack is that you get the same functionality as a ceiling mounted system but without needing as much space. Therefore, if you have a smaller kitchen but still want to cook, a wall unit is a great solution. In addition to displaying your fine cookware and utensils, this type of pot rack comes with optional features to include a grid, which would be great for displaying plants, cookbooks, or kitchen decor, or even a lighting system.

A wall pot rack would also feature eyehooks and "S" hooks so you can hang everything conveniently within reach. Obviously, working in a smaller kitchen requires good organization. With a wall pot rack, cabinet space is freed up so you can work more efficiently. With so many beautiful style choices, you can use the wall rack to enhance the decorum of the kitchen as well. In other words, if your kitchen were rustic or country, a wall rack made from wood looks nice. If your kitchen were contemporary or transitional in style, pewter or brass would be a gorgeous choice. However, for a traditional or European style kitchen, stainless steel or wrought iron works.


Wall pot racks also come in various sizes. Therefore, if you have little space, you could choose a design with just four hooks on which the most used pots and pans would be hung. Now, if you have more wall space, then you could consider a 10-hook wall unit, perfect for pots and pans, along with your favorite cooking utensils. Without doubt, a wall pot rack is a unique way to enjoy the same benefits of a ceiling mounted rack but without it consuming the room.


Typically, a wall pot rack would be installed so the screws go into studs. That way, even the heavier pots and pans could be displayed without the worry of everything crashing down on the floor. This slick option can complement your kitchen, provide extra storage, provide an additional means of light, and hold a full set of cookware, making time in the kitchen much better!